Wednesday, 26 August 2015

(HORROR) Pin: A Plastic Nightmare - 1988 ****

Ursula and Leon have grown up alongside their father's obsessive relationship with his plastic mannequin named 'Pin' (short for Pinocchio). The father makes Pin talk, and uses this technique to belittle and put down his children, particularly his son. When both their parents die tragically, the children are left the house, and as a result, are lumbered with Pin. Ursula can't stand the doll, but Leon slowly becomes more and more besotted with him, throwing his voice and pretending to be Pin, and demanding that his sister respect the doll, and talk to it like you would any adult. When Ursula finds herself a decent boyfriend named Stan, Leon immediately insists that he is invited over for dinner, and gets to meet 'Pin' for himself... Such a creepy film, and rather well done for late 80s, I enjoyed it, and found the build-up of tension and suspense was layered on just right.

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